International Olympaid in Informatics (IOI)

Computer Engineering Classes (CP,CM,CD)

2110201 Computer Engineering Mathematics

2110211 Introduction to Data Structure

2110327 Algorithm Design

The main page for Algorithm Design is here

2110496 Advanced Topic in Computer II (Linear Algebra)

2110435 Introduction to Robotics

2110497 Hands on Robotics

2110498 Sensor Technologies

2110701 Seminar in Computer Engineer I (CS, SE)

2110712 Analysis of Algorithm

Software Development Classes (SD)

2110271 PROG TOOLS

Information and Communication Engineering Classes (ICE)

2143110 Discrete Mathematics

  • Second Semester 2010
  • Second Semester 2009
  • Second Semester 2008

2143203 Fundamental Data Structure and Algorithm

  • First Semester 2008

2140102 Computer Programming Lab.

Please also check the course page at Aj. Chate's

  • Second Semester 2008