Introduction to Data Structure, summer semester, 2009


For summer semester, we use c++ as our programming language

I would like to point you to this file for a good c tutorial. The student is also advised to read the chapter entitled "The C in C++" in Bruce Eckel's Thinking in C (, vol. 1.

All C++ code is here (via anonymous SVN)

Lecture Summary and Materials

  • (29-03-10) Greeting and course set up, we will use C++ as our programming language
  • (30-03-10) C++ Introduction: input/output, array, Code::Blocks
  • (31-03-10) C++ Introduction: 2D Array and Class source code for BMI Calculator is here
  • (01-04-10) ArrayCollection, C++ Introduction: Template source code will be available after 05-04-10
  • (02-04-10) Closed!!!! Red-shirt rallied near Chula
  • (05-04-10) ArraySet. source code for array set is available here, the same URL can be used for anonymous SVN checkout. (If you have never used SVN before, this is a good chance)
  • (06-04-10) Closed again (public holiday::Chakri Dynasty Day)
  • (07-04-10) Runtime Analysis. The source code for IntBlock is here
  • (08-04-10) Big O
  • (09-04-10) ArrayList, source code is also available at here and via svn as usual.
  • (19-04-10) Stack, ArrayStack, char type. source code is also available at here and via svn as usual.
  • (20-04-10) Queue, CircularQueue
  • (21-04-10) Priority Queue, PQByList
  • (27-04-10) Binary Heap (in class exercise is here)
  • (28-04-10) Simple Hash
  • (29-04-10) More on Hash. The code reference before midterm is here
  • (30-04-10) --- Midterm ---
  • (03-05-10) Pointer, LinkedCollection
  • (04-05-10) Sorting, LinkedList here
  • (06-05-10) BinaryTree, code is here
  • (07-05-10) BST and AVLTree, code is here
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