#Commercialized Product

Portrait Pro

Deployment: mid 2003 Client: Off-the-shelf product (through Digital Master + ASK Media) The portrait retouching program commercialized by the Digital Master co.,ltd. I was the co-creator and a lead developer of the first version, using Delphi 7 and a tons of imaging technique. The program incorporates a lots of image processing technique to retouch a digital photo. Usually, Portrait Pro takes less than 5 minutes to do the same thing that would require hours of Photoshop.

Currently, Portrait Pro is under continuous development by Digital Master. So far, it has generated more than THB 10,000,000 to the company.

Smart Tyre

Deployment: mid 2004 Client: Off-the-shelf product (through ASK Media) A small scale ERP system for a car servicing business. The system provides everything from POS, quotation making, customer history and recommendation, employee performance, to the purchasing of the inventory. The program is deployed at some chain stores of Goodyear Tire Company.

Right now, we are negotiating a nation-wide deployment of the program to all Eagle Store shop.

Solar System Tour

Deployment: first quarter 2004 Client: TK Park (through Virtual Life) not a leading member An OpenGL visual software consists of several scene from our solar system. The software is deployed as the first VR enabled multimedia software at Thailand Knowledge Park. The program incorporates real-time stereo vision and viewing orientation tracking.

I take part in introduction scene, transition scene and deployment of the project. The project leader is Peam


Deployment: first quarter, 2006 Client: Kasikorn Bank at Future Park Rangsit (through Zenith Core) An advance queue management system, using touch screen, barcode banking slip, customized hardware, plasma display, thermal printer. Being a critical system, it runs 7 days a week since the deployment without any software failure. We also introduce a new machine for speeding up the teller process, the Quick-Slip machine.

Fuji Advertising Management (FAM)

Deployment: Final quarter, 2006 Client: Fuji Restaurant (through Zenith Core and ASK Media) A video distribution platform, FAM provides a mechanics to schedule and distribute advertising content from Fuji headquarter to each fuji restaurant. The content can consist of several videos playing simultaneously and the advertise running text.

#Side Projects ##Mad Ball Puzzle not a leading member An original game combining action and puzzle genre. Mad Ball Puzzle is developed by the member of ISL2. The leading programmer is Peam.

#Work Experience 1999 (summer) Summer Internship at siamguru. I worked as a java developer in charge of converting database and web spider engine. 2000 (fall) Part time developer at Ericsson, Thailand. 2001 (summer) Part-time programmer at siamguru. Additional developer for document management project using Delphi. 2003 (summer) Lead developer at Digital Master. I was in charge of design and development the first version of Portrait Pro. 2004 (summer) Research student at Toshiba Research and Development Center, Yokohama, Japan. 2005 (winter) Lead developer at Digital Master and ASK Media. Another project for photography studio, PhotoSet (now under the name of viewpoint).