2110435 Introduction to Robotics 2009, second semester.


  • (HW1): Write a car controlling class for Code Rally. Your car will be playing solo with the goal to accumulate score as high as possible. Introduction to code rally can be found at aj. Chate's page. Look at week 12. Due 00:01 of 12/Nov/09

  • (HW2): Write a motion planning code for mobotSim. Email me the code using this subject line "2110435 hw2 503xxxx21" where xxx is your ID. Due 00:01 of 23/Nov/09

  • (HW3): Write a forward kinematic simulation program. Starting project can be downloaded here. Put your code in method drawArm(), you can use drawTube() to draw arm length.

Due March 4, 15:00

  • (Final) March 4, 15:00. 20%, covering Kinematics and Motion Planning.
  • อย่าลืมว่าเรามีนัดเรียนกันก่อนตอน 13.00 นะครับ !!!!
  • ห้่อง 19-06 ครับ (ห้องเรียนใหญ่ ชั้น 19)


  1. Robot Control (available soon) slide | reading
  2. Motion Planning (motion planning) slide | reading
  3. Motion Planning (pursuit evasion) slide | reading
  4. Sensor & Sensing slide
  5. Probabilistic method in Robotics slide | reading
  6. Kinematics (forward kinematics) slide | reading