Algorithm Design, second semester, 2008

The course time table is now Tue. and Thu., both on 9:30 - 11:00.

  • Please download course syllabus here.
  • ( 3-Mar-09) The final exam will be Wed 5 Mar 2009, 13:00 - 16:00 at the class room (Eng 2 Bldg)
  • ( 5-Jan-09) Reminder!!! Midterm will be on Tue 6 Jan 2009, 8:00 - 11:00
  • (12-Nov-08) Add slide of Big-O
  • (13-Nov-08) Quiz #1
  • (18-Nov-08) Add slide for Divide and Conquer

Presentation slides


by Kan on Thu, 13/11/2008 - 20:43

Thank you for slide, Ajarn. Would you upload the next slide(i think Divide and Conquer) before the class,please? So that I will print it and lecture while you’re teaching. Don’t worry about the mistake on your slide.I will correct it when I’m studying.

by Kan on Thu, 13/11/2008 - 20:55

I think .ppt is better than .pptx. I don’t know why the office 2007 file is converted to zip file when it is downloaded. It can solve the poblem by change file lastname for .zip to .pptx . However, it is not a good for newbie who doesn’t know this trick. I think .ppt is better.

by dae on Fri, 14/11/2008 - 13:56

??? When I tried download the file, it came as .pptx krub ??? How do you manage to get as .zip?

Your concern is about this trick or by the fact that you prefer the older version of .ppt?

by Kan on Fri, 14/11/2008 - 23:09

hmm….My Friend and I have same results.I don’t know why it happen in Office 2007 file,including word excel file.Probably, Your computer is the exception or it is a bug of Vista (again). I don’t mind about .ppt or .pptx ,but I think another student don’t know about this trick that why I post it.

by dae on Mon, 17/11/2008 - 23:17

Ok, I have tried it on IE7 and, yes, it is downloaded as .zip. This does not happen for Firefox. I will try to fix that soon. Thanks!

In the mean time, just use Firefox.

I don’t see any reason why ppl should use IE as a default….

by Jill on Mon, 15/12/2008 - 16:18

thanks so much. AJ. Nattee !

by Kan on Mon, 12/01/2009 - 12:35

Ajarn,Where is my input text file for 0/1 knapsack Homework krub.


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