Algorithm Design, first semester, 2009

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You can download the syllabus here.

News (latest news first)

  • ( 4-Aug-09) We won’t have Labs for the next two weeks.
  • ( 4-Aug-09) Another homework for section 2 here.
  • (27-Aug-09) Section 2, we have homework!!! here.
  • ( 9-Aug-09) Section 2, make up class on Aug 10, at 19th floor’s lecture room, 0930–1100.
  • (10-Jul-09) Slide update again.
  • ( 1-Jul-09) We won’t have a lab for the next two weeks (10-Jul and 17-Jul). On 17-Jul, we will have a lecture instead.
  • (10-Jun-09) Slides were updated.
  • (04-Jun-09) Lab #1 is published.
  • (04-Jun-09) Syllabus is available.

Lab Documents

Here are the list of Lab documents:

Lab # Topics Supplemental Files
Lab 1 (05-Jun-09) Intro to Lab (pdf) -
Lab 2 (12-Jun-09) Performance measurement (pdf) GNUPlot (zip), Starting Code (zip)
Lab 3 (19-Jun-09) Recursion and Debugging (pdf) Starting Code (zip)
Lab 4 (26-Jun-09) Sorting (pdf) Starting Code (zip)
Lab 5 ( 3-Jul-09) Maximum sum of Subsequence (pdf) Starting Code (zip)
Lab 6 (30-Jul-09) Matrix Chain Multiplication (pdf) Starting Code (zip)
Lab 7 ( 7-Aug-09) Graph Traversal (pdf) Starting Code (zip), Big Test Data (txt)
Lab 8 (14-Aug-09) Shortest Path (pdf) Starting Code (zip)
Lab 9 (21-Aug-09) Weighted Shortest Path (pdf) Starting Code (zip)
Lab 10 (28-Aug-09) Knapsack (pdf) Starting Code (zip)
Lab 11 ( 4-Sep-09) Permutation (pdf) Starting Code (zip)

Since labs require knowledge of C language, I would like to refer you to interesting resource for C and C++ language as follows:

Slide for Section 2

  • ( 3-Jun-2009) Intro to Algorithm Design (pptx)
  • (10-Jun-2009) Performance Measurement and Asymptotic Notation (pptx)
  • (17-Jun-2009) Complexity Analysis (pptx)
  • (24-Jun-2009) Divide & Conquer (pptx), optimization problem (pptx)
  • ( 1-Jul-2009) Divide & Conquer 2 (continue with the same slide as above)
  • (15-Jul-2009) Dynamic Programming (pptx),
  • (17-Jul-2009) Longest Common Subsequence (pptx), 0-1 Knapsack Problem (pptx)
  • (28-Jul-2009) Matrix Chain Multiplication (pptx)
  • ( 5-Aug-2009) Graph Algorithm (DFS) (pptx)
  • (10-Aug-2009) Shortest Path (pptx)
  • (19-Aug-2009) Greedy (MST) (pptx)
  • (26-Aug-2009) Generate and Test (pptx)


by Anonymous on Thu, 18/06/2009 - 17:15

Quote: “The second edition of the book can be downloaded freely.”

We use “can be downloaded for free”.
Since the adverb “freely” means “independently”


by dae on Thu, 18/06/2009 - 18:19


Thanks :D

by Anonymous on Wed, 16/09/2009 - 01:07

Is there some slides of NP prob and Best first search?
Thank you


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