Sensor Technology, second semester 2013


HW1 (due 2013-11-14)

play with your sensor and give a discussion in the class

HW2 (due 2013-11-21)

Color detection. The starting source code is here. You will need to install Visual Studio and OpenCV.

The spec of your system is as follow. A camera is attached to your computer and a plate with 4 pieces of color papers will be visible (occupies more than 60% of the frame). Your program, when a key is pressed, should print 4 numbers which indicates the color of each piece.

There is 5 plates. Your program should try to answer all plates. Moreover, lighting condition will be varied.

The label of colors is 1 to 12 according to the following picture. The label 1 is the leftmost color and progress to label 12 at the rightmost color.

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