You can find LaTeX class files for Theses and Dissertations of Chulalongkorn University here. This latex class was used by me and some of my colleagues and students, mostly in the Faculty of Engineering, to typeset our theses.

True, MaxNet, TOT Part #1


After reading NoNT’s blog about his internet topic, I decided to log mine as well. This entry is directly re-log from my wedding site

Wedding site updated


Several updates have been posted to my wedding site

My Wedding


Some might know already, but I am going to tell it anyway. I am getting married!!! Yeah!!! Next month. The detail is

Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009
Place: Narai Ballrom, Narai Hotel
Time: 18:30
Banquet Style: Chinese Table

More detail can be found at

Making service survives reboot on Ubuntu


This might seems trivial to many people. However, I don’t really know how to have some of my SysV init scripts being executed every time a machine restart. For Fedora, this is very simple using chkconfig. However, I don’t know what is its equivalence on Ubuntu.

MiKTeX update


I have updated Thai font installation on MiKTeX 2.6 and 2.7. Please check the original article.

Cheap earpiece


A few months ago, I bought an earpiece of the brand TDK, discounted @400 baht. The sound is good but I don’t know whether it worth THB400. Anyway, last week I went to Pantip and saw an earpiece of the price THB69. Obviously I grabbed it and the result is that it is damn terrible. Seems like the TDK is a good deal for me.

Thai LaTeX on MikTeX 2.7


I haven’t write any paper since about last 6 months. That covers the period when I changed my PC. That’s a good time to update my MikTeX installation. Now, with MikTeX 2.7 in hand, I can review again the process of installing Thai language support.

– side note –
You can look at my detailed previous entry here. There contains the information to install Thai language in MikTeX 2.6 and 2.5. The process is very similar to that of 2.7
– end side note –

OpenVPN with UFW


I feel very shameful to admit that, for past several months, I left my server being wide open. She didn’t receive any protection from any local firewall. Of course, the IT depts. of my university and my faculty have done great jobs in implementing the firewall. These protect me from outside threat but my server still sit idly feeling clueless of any person who has a chance to plug into university network. That’s why I was trying to enable firewall on my server.

I searched for any link leading back to my site and found out that there are several pages that point to , which is used to be my old LaTeX tag. But, since my last HDD crash, I have to re-config drupal and that tag is no longer valid. I created this page as a place holder for .

If you wish to read my article about LaTeX and how to use Thai Language on LaTeX, just follow this link instead.



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