Rockstar with PhD


My favorite band is always Queen. Three years ago, I was thrilled to known that The band’s guitarist, Brian May, just got his PhD in astrophysics two weeks after my graduation procedure is filed. At that time, I can’t contemplate how it was to be a rock star and to holds scientific PhD at the same time.



I have been using Launchy for a long time. It is a very good keystroke launcher, a best tool for keyboard fanatic. However, it takes too much ram on my Win7 machine and keeps crashing constantly. After googling a while, I found FARR (Find and Run Robot), a highly configurable, full-featured keystroke launcher which brands itself as “The Ultimate Program for Keyboard Maniacs”. This one is less eye-candy than Launchy but definitely a tool for a fanatic.

Songs and Memories


On Sat, I attended TEDxKrungthep, an independent TED event organized by local TED enthusiasts and the final speaker is Bojo, a choir master. He led all audiences to sing Heal the World by Michael Jackson. The strange thing for me is that, years ago, this is one of songs that I had kept cassette (yes, there is a thing called tape cassette at that time) nearby all the time but somehow, I forgot to include it in my iPhone. It simply get lost in time.

Semper Fidelis


I am not a student of history nor have ever wished to be one. I lack background knowledge so required to judiciously analyze current event. Moreover, I cannot faithfully say that I understand their desire, their hatred nor their anger. You can be assured that you won’t find any attempt in justifying nor rationalizing the course of current event here. I won’t bother condemn nor praise any decision nor anybody.

True, MaxNet, TOT Part #1


After reading NoNT’s blog about his internet topic, I decided to log mine as well. This entry is directly re-log from my wedding site

Wedding site updated


Several updates have been posted to my wedding site

My Wedding


Some might know already, but I am going to tell it anyway. I am getting married!!! Yeah!!! Next month. The detail is

Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009
Place: Narai Ballrom, Narai Hotel
Time: 18:30
Banquet Style: Chinese Table

More detail can be found at

Cheap earpiece


A few months ago, I bought an earpiece of the brand TDK, discounted @400 baht. The sound is good but I don’t know whether it worth THB400. Anyway, last week I went to Pantip and saw an earpiece of the price THB69. Obviously I grabbed it and the result is that it is damn terrible. Seems like the TDK is a good deal for me.

New Cell Phone


My old phone is broken, she freezes up every now and then for weeks. So, yesterday, I bought a new cell phone. After a series of reviews and lots of constraints optimization, I ended up with Nokia 3120 classic. Let’s start from the requirements, listed by higher impact.

Skin changed


I Just change the theme to Sky. To my surprise, Sky is highly customizable. A user is allowed to change the default font, font size, alignment, width of the theme. That is exactly what I want from a theme. Now, the only problem is that I believe that the skin is a little bit sober. Will try to change that soon.



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