True, MaxNet, TOT Part #1


After reading NoNT’s blog about his internet topic, I decided to log mine as well. This entry is directly re-log from my wedding site

I am looking for internet service for my new home at Ratchapruek Rd. Well, the project office told me that they have TOT node right in front of the project entrance. Having heard several rumors about TOT and been using True for years, I first want to try whether my new place falls under True’s wing. I called the call center a few days ago, the promotion is quite promising. For around 900 Baht + one-time ~2000, I would get free TrueVision (the most basic package with just the FreeTV and the demo of true vision channel) plus 300 credit for one new TrueMove number and 3M ADSL. The only catch is that they have to check for a few day whether my house is on their coverage. On Monday saying that my home is out of their reach, what a bad news. So I went to nearest MaxNet booth just to have the same answer which mean that I am stuck with TOT.

Today, I contacted TOT and they said that my villa has a special project where I could get 3M for the price of 590 per month, quite interesting… BUT… of course, there is a catch. They don’t know yet whether I could have that speed. (I don’t know what is the factor.) Anyway, I have to spend 3,585 for the registration fee, noticeably higher than True and MaxNet. I paid it anyway. Let see whether it comes to fruition.

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by Kan on Wed, 29/04/2009 - 16:07

I am using TOT internet at Home. TOT is quite a good one. However, the free router from TOT is very bad, a Thomson brand. It usually become hot in every hour, so I buy a new wireless ASDL router, a Zyxel brand. Zyxel is a very good brand that is used by many kind of enterprise such as ATM, telephone, my mother school lease line. After I install a Zyxel router, I open it all day and happy with my bit-torrent client.


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