Cheap earpiece


A few months ago, I bought an earpiece of the brand TDK, discounted @400 baht. The sound is good but I don’t know whether it worth THB400. Anyway, last week I went to Pantip and saw an earpiece of the price THB69. Obviously I grabbed it and the result is that it is damn terrible. Seems like the TDK is a good deal for me.

The funniest point is that I was not satisfied with the TDK until I bought that THB69. Human, imperfect…


ลองฟังหูฟังคู่ละหมื่นดิ แล้วจะได้รู้สึกว่าซื้อไปก็ไม่เสียดายเงิน

by dae on Mon, 23/02/2009 - 11:50

My family no money :P แปลเป็นไทยว่าบ้านจน


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