Yet Another Theme

Posted on: Mon, 01/22/2007 - 10:38 By: dae

The fact that Amare theme does not go well with IE keep bugging me. To my illiteracy of CSS, I blindly twitch some value, turning a knob of some attribute, but, to my unsurprising, the situation is not going anyway better than chaos.

As low-ended user as myself, only thing I could do is to simply googling around and found out that some ppl have the same problem as me. What they do is, simply put, to switch to another theme, the action I gracefully follow. And here is the new theme, Barlow.

IE Destroyer

Posted on: Fri, 01/19/2007 - 11:38 By: dae

OK, this new theme does not support IE7. I no longer have IE6 to test with. Anyway, I don't know how to fix, (will ask Wood to do that later, if he would be so kind).

In the meantime, IE Destroyer would do the job. Showing a banner only when the site is viewed by IE. Try it :D

New looks

Posted on: Thu, 01/18/2007 - 22:40 By: dae

Got bored of the "meta" template. After scavenging in the archive of theme and found no one that suit my need, because of some irritating thing in the CSS. Well, wood came to save the day. I personally refuse to edit any html let alone the CSS. Mr. wood simply installed a new extension and was just like a genie, asking my wish which was almost immediately granted. Font changed, bg changed, width changed, spacing changed, color changed, etc., you name it.

Archive Modules

Posted on: Mon, 01/15/2007 - 10:34 By: dae

Drupal comes with a default archive module which shows calendar and highlights the day with entries. Unlike wordpress or blogger whose archive looks more suitable. With the update to the new archive module. Now I have something, almost, but not quite, entirely resembles it.

In Trend

Posted on: Sat, 01/06/2007 - 01:09 By: dae

Have been tagged by pit so I have to drop my intention to update my blog with something more serious and follow the game. Rules are simple: 1) write down five things 'bout yourself that is known only amongst few (if not only you) and 2) tag other five ppl to do the same.

Ok, here we go.

Man's Dream

Posted on: Sun, 12/03/2006 - 00:49 By: dae

Before I went to bed, I checked the planet to see if anyone post a new entry and I found just a simple url on Nong's blog, saying <>. Out of curiosity, I immediately copy and past it on the address bar. It turns out to be a book printed for reading on a bed!!! Damn good!!! every book in the world should be printed as that!!!

So sad that they have only 24 titles.


Posted on: Wed, 11/29/2006 - 20:12 By: dae

My (for the living) work extensively use MySQL. I am not fond of it but it is the easiest choice of RDBMS out there. I used it together with delphi. Surely, many problem arise especially when Thai language is required.

A good delphi component for MySQL connection is DAC for MySQL. I have tried other connection, such as BDE, ADO, but DAC works best, in term of speed.

A Grown Up

Posted on: Wed, 11/22/2006 - 10:59 By: dae

From my last entry about Thai ICT minister smack the open source, I said I lost faith in him. OK, to be honest, I am too prejudice. A man can err and the minister seems to be a grown up enough to admit his misunderstanding. Yesterday, a group consisting of key persons (?) in Thailand open source community met the minister (in Thai) to clarify the open source to the minister and he admitted that he made his statement without proper knowledges.


Posted on: Sat, 11/18/2006 - 00:05 By: dae

Today, I parked my car inside our faculty parking lot, the one next to the canteen. When I went back to my car in the evening, I found a note sticking on my windscreen ,saying, "I drove my car and accidentally scratched yours. Please contact me at 08x-xxx-xxxx. I am sorry, the lane was too tight.", and on my front bumper found a foot long damage, a permanent and prominent one.

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