Semper Fidelis

Posted on: Thu, 05/20/2010 - 00:35 By: dae

I am not a student of history nor have ever wished to be one. I lack background knowledge so required to judiciously analyze current event. Moreover, I cannot faithfully say that I understand their desire, their hatred nor their anger. You can be assured that you won’t find any attempt in justifying nor rationalizing the course of current event here. I won’t bother condemn nor praise any decision nor anybody.

I won’t contemplate for tomorrow what the government should do, what the red-shirt should do or what all of us should do. That is something already fallen into the good hands of several intellectual and spiritual leaders of our community. What I know is that these unfortunate, unsought and unmindful events ultimately are something to which I will look back ruefully; because I undeniably take at least some responsibility in nourishing it. Yes, I used to support what yellow-shirts did and, now, red-shirts are doing something similar or so.

Yet again, remorse is not what I want to share with you today. All I yearn to do is to make a wish. I wish that I know a path, a particular one that will bring us all to a philosophical society, a society that treasures understanding of other and us at the top virtue. I sincerely believe that if we understand them, there will be no more them; it will be just us. We won’t see them as someone else but a fellow Thai people who simply wish for well-being. We won’t utter belligerent tone that separates them from us. We won’t call them non-Thai, unpatriotic, wretched soul or any things of sort.

I will brand myself a hypocrite if I don’t admit that, right now, while punching a keyboard, a big portion of my thought still hate them, don’t understand them and wish them all hell. Ironically, even though we call ourselves “homo sapiens”, i.e., "wise men", we still act out of clouded judgment, or worse, purely instinct. However, I hope, faithfully, truly, and constantly that someday, I will find the path that would make me someone I wish I should be.

Always Faithful, Nattee Niparnan