Long time no see

Posted on: Tue, 12/14/2004 - 12:07 By: dae

Yeah, miss me? huh? Long time since last entry. I went to Japan for IROS presentation. (that's suck, though.) Anyway, I'm back, fully realised that the previous entry is still under construction. Today, our master posted a post-it with TO-DO on our machine. So, we have lots of thing to do in official. Hope that I do not fail any of them.

Just finished "the Geometry of Grasping" of Markenscofff, Ni and Papadimitriou. That's hard paper for me. Parts of it still a mystery for me. I am also supposed to write a little review for it. but I am too lazy right now. (Mr. Fu is playing CS:Source just 2 meter from my place. Lots of eager to join him... and we still addicted to GunBound). I am planning to read the Red/Blue intersection just after this sentence. So, see ya later.