Posted on: Thu, 11/22/2007 - 23:21 By: dae

It has been a long time since my last entry. Obviously I could blame to lots of workload bestowed upon me recently. To remind myself, these significant event happened since the past few months.

  • The paper submitted to Trans on Robotics got reviewed with ``Revise and Resubmit'' result. I would take that as a good sign, though in fact it made me quite nervous.
  • The software things still going on. The deal is not closed yet.
  • Few problems with the life.

Anyway, what persuades me to return to writing an entry is not any of the above list. I come to write about Orson Scott Card, or more precisely, his books.

Orson Scott Card is a writer maybe best known for his Ender series. The first two books is translated into Thai by ASK Media. The first time I saw the English title of the first book, it does not hit me. Saying that it actually made me feel unlikely to give it a try anyway. Of course, the Thai title does not help neither. However, when I gave it a try last year, it turned out to be quite good. And after I realized that the first book is nothing but a prelude to the second book which is the heart of the story. I can't simply wait to read that. Now I have consumed the second book and I would says that it is a masterpiece.

Though it is dubbed as a science fiction book (both received Hugo and Nebula in consecutive years), it is the same as saying that Asimov books are barely sci-fi. Yes, they indeed is sci-fi but they are a lot more. Science play a major role but what made me love is the story. The intrigue laid out by Card involving people, mind, morality, love, hope and lots more. Several moral concept is introduced, compared and tested in the series.

Of course I cannot wait for the rest of the series and I would say sorry to ASK Media since I went straight to Kinokuniya last week to fetch the remaining two that complete the first quartet.

This is definitely won't waste your time.