Deja Vu

Posted on: Mon, 06/18/2007 - 01:30 By: dae

Today I have had enough free time for a few movies, so I went to my local rental shop which underwent small renovation a few months ago. The new shop offers lots more DVDs and I picked Ghost Riders and Deja Vu. Forget about Ghost Riders, I have nothing to speak about it except that it features Nicolas Cage, my fav actor, the rest won't worth your time.

However, Deja Vu turns out to be quite remarkable. A good Sci-Fi(?) thriller with an interesting plot.

Funny thing is that, I was once told that Hollywood action always contains some kind of Speedy Pursuit, Car pursuit is very common. The scene is something like someone is chasing over another one, both using some kind of vehicles. They perform some thrilling action sequence or so, keeping the tense of the audience, or at least making the audience to follow the thrill of the chase.

Obviously, screen writers have came up with several creative imagination, not sticking only with cars. Well, you can see cars VS cars, any kind of them, truck, ambulance, trailer, bus, etc., all are cliche, not to mention those bikes. You can see Spacecraft VS Spacecraft, quite common in space Sci-Fi. Airborne action would provide jet fighter chasing over jet fighter, chopper vs chopper, etc. Snowmobile vs Snowmobile is not something new also. Speedboat has also been used for long. Submarine is also possible but the thrill is not presented by speed but rather the dangerous of the see.

There also exists several cross breeds such as chopper vs train, chopper vs car, hovercraft vs boat. When Die Hard 4 comes available, I believe we would see Jet chasing a car. Recently, the comic heroes began to appear on silver screens, we then see much more exotic chasing, such as human(superman) chasing airplane, Human vs Train, etc. you name it.

I believe that taking any set of fast moving vehicle in all movie, you can pick anyone that is a member of Cartesian product of the set and it should already made its way to Hollywood.

However, the variety in these pursuit-evasion is changing in the object of pursuing. In Deja Vu, it is my first time to see pursuit over the ghostly shadow of the past. The space you are running and the object you are pursuing is on a different world. Quite interesting.

Not that the pursuit is heart stopping, though, others had done better, but this is quite creative and this is not the best part of the movie, anyway. I just wanna point out this new trick.

Try it if you have a chance.