Embedded font in PDF (again)

Posted on: Mon, 07/10/2006 - 13:21 By: dae

From my long ago entry, which gave very little information, I am facing the old problem again. My PDF file does not have all fonts embedded and subset, as required for submission to the IEEE. Well, I am using pdflatex, IPE and gnuplot.

IPE works just fine, it generate PDF that is compliant with the requirement, no problem. For most part, pdflatex and gnuplot works virtually in the same degree as IPE. But some problems still exists. Gnuplot usually uses Helvetica font which is not available in most WinXP and pdfLatex uses Times Roman which also faces the same problem. These two fonts are so general that it does not exist in WinXP (Huh?) Well, in fact, they exists under different name, Arial and Times New Roman.

The solution? I can't remember what I did last time. Maybe I compiled it in Fedora or something. But there are lots of solutions.

  • For IEEE, a source file conversion is available at the IEEE PDF Express. I can submit my DVI (from latex) and EPS file to the site and then it will convert my file into PDF that is compliant.

  • Gnuplot, if you still have the source, set the terminal to use other font, for example terminal postscript eps enhanced "NimbusSanL-Regu" fontfile "uhvr8a.pfb" This is for Linux, you can change the font to other under WinXP. If you does not have the source, you can edit the EPS file directly and change the font it use to something else. For example, just search and replace

    Helvetica --> ArialMT

I havn't try it, though. The info is taken from Matthew Miller's homepage

  • pdflatex, Pawin, who is also submitting the paper to the same conference suggest that his method is to edit /web2c/updmap.cfg and change the option of pdftexDownloadBase14 from false to true.
  • The two above problems can be fixed by installing the appropriate font. Sun, being resourceful, again, send me the Font. Just Install it on your font folder and That's enough.