Queuing System

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Kendall Classification of Queuing Systems

The Kendall classification of queuing systems (1953) exists in several modifications. The most comprehensive classification uses 6 symbols:



A is the arrival pattern (distribution of intervals between arrivals).

B is the service pattern (distribution of service duration).

s is the number of servers.

q is the queuing discipline (FIFO, LIFO, ...). Omitted for FIFO or if not specified.

c is the system capacity. Omitted for unlimited queues.

p is the population size (number of possible customers). Omitted for open systems.

    These symbols are used for arrival and service patterns:

M is the Poisson (Markovian) process with exponential distribution of intervals or service duration respectively.

Em is the Erlang distribution of intervals or service duration.

D is the symbol for deterministic (known) arrivals and constant service duration.

G is a general (any) distribution.

GI is a general (any) distribution with independent random values.

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