In Joy of a Touch of a Good Story

Posted on: Mon, 10/03/2005 - 19:09 By: dae

I always feel excited when experiencing a good story. A good story differs from person to person. I, myself, define a good story as ones that make me joy. Recursive definition, though, but it is the most correct definition. Anyway, the common of a good story is that it provides some good idea, some vista to which I never considered, a conspiracy that is hard to predict, blah blah blah. I love this, dunno why. Reading a good manga, playing FF series or other RPG with deep story, a nice novel, all of these make me happy. The recent one is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. This is one of a good story. (I would not deny any PR money from ASK Media. Just finished it this morning. The concept propsed by Prof. de la Paz in the story is quite, well, in Aj. prabhas's words, ถูกจริต. The story is not quite complex as I expected but it is enough to keep me reading.

PS. Taksin is about to take over the whole country. Well, this is quite exaggerated but he indeed do many in appropriate things which require a very big deal of my optimism (I feel, and have been told, that I am a very very optimistic person) to keep thinking that he is with a good mind.