Tamiya Paint

Posted on: Sun, 03/04/2007 - 12:10 By: dae

This weekend is three days long and to me it is a good opportunity to tidy up the house. The target is to get rid of anything I no longer need (but somehow is still in the possession of mine). I started by trowing away all used PC parts, mobos, sound card, vga card, old ram. I found a 486 board sitting in the cabinet, with 8MB of rams that I once kept in the hope that it might be useful someday, a bad habit that will eventually render your place into a garbage castle.

Now, I found a handful of Tamiya's [enamel paint](http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/list/enamel_1.htmb that I bought for my pla-mo. No, I hardly do any pla-mo and by no mean I could call myself a plastic model hobbyist. I constructed a few gunpla's and a few aircraft fighter but all of them turn out to be a failure of mine.

Nevertheless, I were serious about assembling one, such that I bought air spray and a lot of paint, quite a spending spree. They served me well at that time and they sitting in the cabinet for almost 10 years without any further use. Shame on me. Anyway, I disposed all of them this morning and it is a kind of sadness for me. So I took a few picture of what is the remnant of my short-live hobby.

What to be disposed img overview

Tamiya paint has a code starting with X or XF, X means gross paint while XF mean flat paint. The following number is the color code which is the same for gross and flat, e.g., X-1 is gross black, XF-1 is flat black. The back row is the Acrylic color of Gunze along with its thinner and Mr. Masking Solid.

Close up look of the flat paint. img flat paint

Some of gross paint, the clear cap ones (X-23 and X-26) are special because they are clear paints, used for painting a clear part such as windscreen of a car or a canopy of an aircraft. img gross paint

X-20 is the thinner. img thinner

A wall of enamel paints. img wall.

I almost forgot Putty. On the left is the lacquer. img putty

Finally, everything is disposed. God of Tamiya should be furious. img dispose

The full album can be found here.