Google Analytics

Posted on: Mon, 02/12/2007 - 08:52 By: dae

There exists many web stat tools but the one I used is Google Analytic. It gives nice interesting stat for me. I get the rough idea on who has read my blog, and from where. Recently, my friends start using MyBlogLog. It is more specific, I can pin-point recent readers. For blogging, I don't write much and most of them are just my note to keep my memory intact, thus, not many visit my blog regularly. The faces on the mybloglog widget rarely change.

However, many new readers appear today. Out of my curiosity, I try to see where they came from. After reading from our planet, I noticed that Kong referred to me in his blog, about Google App. I wrote just only two or three lines in the referred entry. But since Kong's is frequently visited by several ppl, it is inevitable that some drop to my blog.

What make me surprised is that Google Analytics --whose data lags one day behind, so it just reflects the on-going stat of the current event-- reports that one of the referring page is from blog of คุณลิ่ว. I visited his page but could not see anything linking to me. My best guess is that he is running an on-site feed aggregator, for personal use I presumed, which obviously must includes blog of Kong.

However, I will never know the truth.

PS. Another interesting fact is that mybloglog reporting that search query that hits my page is "howto dota lan". I once wrote about setting up OpenVPN so that I could play dota with my friend inside firewall but it has nothing to do with setting and making dota works. It merely reports what technique I used and how I set up OpenVPN. It is tagged with "howto", though.