New looks

Posted on: Thu, 01/18/2007 - 22:40 By: dae

Got bored of the "meta" template. After scavenging in the archive of theme and found no one that suit my need, because of some irritating thing in the CSS. Well, wood came to save the day. I personally refuse to edit any html let alone the CSS. Mr. wood simply installed a new extension and was just like a genie, asking my wish which was almost immediately granted. Font changed, bg changed, width changed, spacing changed, color changed, etc., you name it.

He also recommend this font. At first, I wished to use "times" but he said that "Georgia" is more gorgeous. After a first glimpse of these numbers, "0123456789", in Georgia, I suddenly fall in love with it.

Thumbs up for ป๋าหวูด.