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Posted on: Sat, 01/06/2007 - 01:09 By: dae

Have been tagged by pit so I have to drop my intention to update my blog with something more serious and follow the game. Rules are simple: 1) write down five things 'bout yourself that is known only amongst few (if not only you) and 2) tag other five ppl to do the same.

Ok, here we go.

Item 1

Everybody starts with a name. A name is the most obvious thing such that other ppl hardly believe that there would be something behind it. Strangely, a name tends to have a long story. For mine, the actual nickname given by my mom and dad is Ton (ต้น) which had been honoured to be my real name for about 6-7 years. At that time, I have a close friend (already forgotten by me :p) whose real name is Nat-something. I cannot remember my actual state of mind back then but I felt that a name starting with Nat sounds pretty cool. So, I asked my mom whether I could have a name with Nat. She helped me think of some names and we ended up with Nattee (นัทที). Since then, Ton is demoted (or promoted?) to a nickname.

Ton is my nickname for about 8 or 9 years. At around my first year in a high-school, there was a news of Cocoon baby (เด็กดัก__แด้__, a baby borned with distorted skin looking like a cocoon. Sorry, I could not find a pic). A (bad?) friend of mine started saying that I looked like one. Honestly, I didn't think so but we were young and teasing ppl is something we like so someone started calling me Dae (แด้). In fact, naming other students in a class was a trend at that time. I got myself around four or five nicknames including more weird one such as หลอดแก้ว, etc, I can't remember. However, only Dae remains while others simply cease and desist. Naturally, I rejected that name in the beginning, but, over time, I got familiar with the name and my family recognised that my nickname has changed in the circle of my friend. The nickname Ton is used only with my family.

When I went to the university for the first year, I tried to change my nickname back to Ton once, but it lasted only less than an hour since my friends from the same high school immediately rejected it. So, here is the not-so-short story of my nickname.

Item 2

This item is still about my name, a screen name, Ouroboros. I started using this one since I start playing Counter-Strike. I got it from a chapter name in Gunnm. It is originally spelled as Oroboros but later, when I was googling around, I found out that Ouroboros is a more precise way to spell this. Ouroborus is yet another spelling and it is used as a url of my web.

Item 3

I am a colour blind, of type protanomaly which means that I have a problem discriminating red and green. For me, the problem is about red. It seems like that my perception of red is of lower resolution than other. Result? Sometime I cannot distinguish green and yellow, if their red component is different only in a minuscule scale. Hardly to believe, I just noticed that I am colour blind only recently when I and my friend were making a game that includes a puzzle using blocks with several colours. In the game, I have to distinguish yellow and green blocks which I cannot efficiently do. I already noticed this since I played street fighter puzzle a long time ago but I blamed the monitor at that time, unaware that it is my anomaly. Making a game gave me a liberty to change colour at will but my friend told me that the colour I chose to maximize my distinguishing performance is not the same with others. Then, I start to realised that my perception of colour is different from other and that lead to my discovery that I am colour blind.

I cannot remember how I pass the driving test???

Item 4

I am nowhere near the "ideal student" when I was in the high school or junior high. However, I was once entitled a "Good Student, in the field of reading". I was selected because I am a frequent visitor of the school library. My school's library is divided into sections and my favorite section is Novel. I read one novel for approximately three or four days and I kept doing this for all my high school. Almost all entries in the entire shelf of Sci-Fi are consumed by me in about a semester. Don't be surprised, our shelf is very small. That was where I start to be fascinated by the work of the grand master. However, this was noticed by the head librarian and she sent my name as a good student to the committee (if they had one) and I got selected.

Item 5

I once was forced to take a piano course. Only a knowledge about reading a score remains. The rest have already gone to their belonged place.

I feel so tired. That's why the fifth item is so short.

Tagging will be passed to the frequent bloggers of [CP24], nont,pam and nong and two of my lab mates, peam and tunococ and . Hope they read my entry :p.