Posted on: Sat, 11/18/2006 - 00:05 By: dae

Today, I parked my car inside our faculty parking lot, the one next to the canteen. When I went back to my car in the evening, I found a note sticking on my windscreen ,saying, "I drove my car and accidentally scratched yours. Please contact me at 08x-xxx-xxxx. I am sorry, the lane was too tight.", and on my front bumper found a foot long damage, a permanent and prominent one.

Well, I don't blame him. I don't even called him. I don't know who scratched my car but I believe that he must be one of our juniors and if he has enough gut to admit his own fault, that is the compensation enough for me in this case. The damage is minuscule. Parking within CU means that you are bounded to be scratched one day or another. In fact, I have got several scratches, without anybody claiming responsibilities. This one is quite a bonus to me, though.

Ironically, this very same situation had happened to me before, but in an inversed role. I was the one who cause the damage and I wrote the same kind of letter -not include "the lane was too tight", that is a bad excuse. At that time, no one called me. Later, I found out that the owner of the car is a good friend of mine, Mr. Kang (CE 81). But it took almost a year before I know that.

I would say, keep up a good moral, boy. You are doing great.

For me, well, it's karma. That explains everything.