Damn Pantip Shop

Posted on: Mon, 10/30/2006 - 19:03 By: dae

OK, my last entry about the Kingston ram that does not works was not finished. On the next Monday, Mr. Mai went to Pantip to claim the bad Ram. What they did is that they return the very first RAM we have got, the bad one that we claimed on the buying day. That is totally unacceptable. Mr. Chang suddenly call the support center and they promised something. OK, that's fine. On the next day, we went to the shop to re-claim, for the third time the ram. The claiming process took fucking long time. Their technician tried so hard to make the ram usable. He even try to clean the contact of the ram. Don't work, of course. Finally, he brought two new ram modules saying that this is the new one. None of them worked anyway. He said he will try to show that the new ram is a working one and it is our M/B fault that the ram are unusable.

The problem is he did not have any CPU and he asked us to lend him ours. We say no. After a little bit arguing, we agreed, for the sake of our time. Anyway, even with the Asus P5B, the ram still refused to work. This suck, because he said that we must upgrade to a better ram that is guaranteed by Synnax. This is FUCK. Because the one with Synnax warranty cost 500 Baht more and it does not look alike the original module.

What does this mean? It means that the very first ram that they sold us (including every ram in the same lot, that he had tried and failed) is a FAKE ONE!!!

The technician said that it is not fake, he said, "you buy the cheap one (not Synnex warranty), so you got the cheap ram. We didn't cheat because you buy a thing that is already known to be inferior..."

Bullshit man, because before we bought, the saleperson, at the front of the shop said that the only different between the Synnex warranty and the local warranty that we bought is nothing. They use the same chip, produced from the same factory, only the distributor that is different.

This is definitely not true. Because the Synnex one HAS THE DIFFERENT CHIP on it.

We call the customer support again and finally get 200 Baht discount on the upgrade. That's fine, but I will no longer buy anything from this shop again.


Forgot to mention that the shop is World Business Computer.

Believe me or not, it is up to you. What I have said is just one bad example of the Shop.