My Stupidity, overly confident on the Experiment.

Posted on: Sat, 07/08/2006 - 15:45 By: dae

Recently I have been busy writing a journal paper about the latest technique in checking the force closure. Since the start of Ph.D. I know that I am very illiterate on the mathematic. I do not have sufficient knowledge on Linear Algebra. Moreover, I am too negligent on the math. The danger is when you think you know something but actually you don't. I feel overconfident in something I should not. It is backfiring on me right now.

Well, I werer not too overconfident. I have check my method with the experiment and the result leads me to believe that what I done is right. In fact, it might still right but it does not work the way I thought it is. My mathematical interpretation of the method is wrong, my math on the paper is wrong, even though the experiment says that the result is correct but everything I have written on the soon-to-be paper is wrong. I have to rewrite it again for the third time. The first two time is just to adjust the flow of the story but this time I might have to rewrite the entire section.

What a pain in the ass.

P.S. don't ask me what the heck is force closure. I spent most of my paper writing time answering this question I am too lazy to do it here. If you really want to know, check my paper and its reference. Sorry, pal.