We must eliminate richness

Posted on: Fri, 12/02/2005 - 12:12 By: dae

That's quite exaggerated but for a catch words, it seems fine. Today I chatted with Aj. Prabhas (again), the topic wander from A to B to C and at some point in time, we were discussing about my protanomalous. Suddenly Aj. prabhas asks me whether my mind also blind? The topic changed into social. I long believe that Money is limited. There exists a fixed quantity of money in the entire planet. This quantity is increasing (by burning, or less pestimistic, by harvesting and utilizing our beloved and also limited resources). If someone takes, then someone else gives (or loss). The conclusion is simple, we can eliminate poorness, in Taksin way, by making the rich very very rich so that the poor cannot live, and just simply die. Obviously this is bogus since poorness always existst (remember that for a well-ordered set, there always exists a minimum element, thus, the poor cannot be eliminated this way).

The other solution, if we believe this model, is quite simple: stop trying to be rich. Obviously, this is also bogus because other body will take the resource that is eligible for someone else (if that one aim for richness). Well, the final conclusion is also simple, just make it harder and harder to be rich and rich and rich. For example, the advance rate tax system is one of that kind. The richer you are the higher you have to pay for the other.

Hmm..... the other problem comes around. Normal dilemma, if it is hard to be rich and being poor is fine, no one will work and waiting for the very rich to make the living for the poor.

Man...... Death solve all problem. No man, No probem......

(quote from Stalin)