Google Webmaster Tools

Posted on: Wed, 02/14/2007 - 12:12 By: dae

My stupidity, I didn't check carefully the result from the Google analytic. From the previous entry. I said that I will never know where is the original link to this site from lewcpe. That is because searching with does not return result from However, the original link is right there in the Google analytics!!!.

Well, the page in that link to this page is about another Google product, Google webmaster tools. He used the Google webmaster tool to identify webs that link to blognone, which including this site.

Well, the tool is handy anyway.

It can identify link that point to my site. It can report top query that put my site near the top. Strangely, if one search my spaec (the misspell of my space), my site appears at the first 10 pages. That is because one of my post misspell the word!

I am using too much of Google's products. Lucky that they are free, at least for now.