A Nice Visitor: strong emphasis on Analysis

Posted on: Fri, 11/03/2006 - 15:58 By: dae

Today, Dr. Rene Vestergaard, from JAIST, gave us a visit. In the morning, he presented an interesting yet easy to understand topic about Dynamic Nash Equilibrium.

The better part is that he ask us to present our work. Basically the same thing I wish my colleague would do. He also acted as a thesis committee, a very inquisitive one. That is very very good. He gave valuable advice. In summary, he concentrates on saying that you need to do what is in front of you. Don't look ahead but try very hard to know what you are doing.

Analyse everything sophisticatedly.

This is very simple recommendation which we usually forgot. Once we have some thing (FACT, in his words), we try to think whether it is good (ASSESSMENT). We stuck with writing the motivation for the work. But that is the two step ahead. What we should do is to understand completely our work (ANALYSIS).

For me, this is particularly true. I spent not enough time on analysis. I should spent at least three-forth of my effort on analysis but i spent around one-forth.

To put it simple, I know that I can but I worry whether it is worthwhile. He said I should say why in it interesting (ANALYSIS).

That's nice. And he did this to all of us that attend the meeting. He showed how to ask a question. A nice guy. A living example of a teacher in "How To Solve It". I must try to learn from him.