DComputer Rules, Some Kingston Rule

Posted on: Thu, 10/19/2006 - 17:23 By: dae

Mr. Peam think that having a new machine is better for his life. I personally strongly agree with that since his current rig is almost five years old. We (I, Chang, Peam & Fu) went to Pantip and bought a new one. The spec is OK. He aimed for a Core 2 Duo machine. However, he insisted that everything should be as cheap as possible so he went for an MSI mainboard with Kingston Ram.

Remember my previous entry saying that Kingston Rules? OK, it's partly true since only some Kingston rules. The machine Mr. Peam just bought can't boot up even though Chang try almost everything. The villain this time is a Kingston Memory, 1GB at 667MHz.

We went back straight to Pantip and claimed a new one which turn out to be a malicious one also. We already test at the shop but the memory is OK. The bad point in the memory is beyond the first 256MB and it can be detected from Memory Test 86+.

Rules of Thumbs. When buying a new PC, try to have the shop assemble it for you. No need to install anything, just make it bootable and then use an Ubuntu disc to test the memory.

Oh, BTW, I went to DCOM to claim a HDD that is unable to install WinXP also. The claiming process took LESS THAN 5 minutes. Buying a cup of noodle at Pol. Sci. canteen takes more than that. The returned HDD is not a new one, though. I don't mind that.

Another Rules of Thumbs. Goes for DCOM, if possible. They never fail me.