Season Change

Posted on: Sun, 09/10/2006 - 17:01 By: dae

I had not had a visit to a cinema for almost two months because of series of both fortunate and unfortunate reasons. Yesterday is a good day for one visit but the entire box office does not display any interesting movie to me. I hate a scary movie, feel like I lost money for nothing. So the most viable choice is Season Change (in Thai: เพราะอากาศเปลี่ยนแปลงบ่อย). I normally dislike Thai movie. I had tried some long time ago but usually it turned out bad. Most comedy one ain't comedy enough and the other ain't worth mention. This made me feel bad about Thai movie such that I even refuse to see the recent ones which are definitely good, as told by lots of my friend. For example, แฟนฉัน, เพื่อนสนิท, ..... sorry .... I can remember only this two. Three Thai movies that I saw recently are The Overture (โหมโรง), Last Life in the Universe (เรื่องรัก น้อยนิด มหาศาล) and The Letter (จดหมายรัก). All of them ain't bad but do not suite me well. However, they pave a new road on me for a new Thai movie. I am more open to Thai movie.

Anyway, I went to see Season Change yesterday and I would like to say that the story and mood itself give me enough happiness. Music plays an important role in this one. I really wonder whether the actor/actress were actually perform the music or some stand in did instead. The story is OK but the most interesting thing is that I never know that such high school exists in Thailand!!!. Ok, I don't know a lots of thing but I never expect to have such high school in Thailand. That surprised me. I have to admit that I cannot distinquised between the two main actress until the half of the movie. They look very alike to me. Pardon me, but I have very low abilities in distinquising some class of human. I don't have any problem about choosing between "The First Love" and "Closest Friend", which is the main question of this movie, so this does not touch me in that aspect. However, the movie is still good. At least it made me laugh like mad a lot of times. Finally, ฤดูที่แตกต่าง in orchestra is exquisite, a nice nostalgia effect. Boyd Kosiyapong made a cameo appearance in the movie also. Strangely, I cannot find the entry about Boyd in wikipedia. However, some ppl already add a reference to season change in the Vivaldi's Four Season (the addition is marked yesterday!!!).

If you have a chance, give this movie a try. It is a romance movie, can't hurt anyone.

I am running out of time for ICRA07.....

PS. I believe that many personal blogs will have an entry about this movie....