Chulalongkorn Universtiy Latex Class Files

You can find LaTeX class files for Theses and Dissertations of Chulalongkorn University here. This latex class was used by me and some of my colleagues and students, mostly in the Faculty of Engineering, to typeset our theses.

This class file, however, is not the official class file. In fact, there is no such thing as the official class file since the Graduated School of Chulalongkorn, to the best of my knowledge, has never sanctioned any latex class file. Anyway, thesis and dissertation using this class file PASSED the inspection (latest inspected thesis was dated March 2009) and that should be enough for everyone.

Additional Information

  • These class files can be used for both master degree theses and the doctoral degree dissertations.
  • It supports both Thai and English language.
  • You need to set up your LaTeX to recognize Thai font. Here is my article how to do so. (English theses also require one front page in Thai.)
  • Any bug and comment are strongly welcome. Please send it to me directly.

I have not finalized the manual of these latex class files. Instead, a user can look into the provided example dissertation.

click here to download the example dissertation.

The main latex file is dae_dissert.tex while the style file is chula.cls

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