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This page is for the general information of the 2110-327 Algorithm Design

List of Algorithms

Here is the list of algorithm covered in the class, along with its implementation, exercise, etc. The exercise is the problem code for the grader

Category Algo/prob. C++ ruby exercise
Divide & Conquer Merge Sort
Divide & Conquer Quick Sort
Divide & Conquer Maximum Contiguous Sum
of Subsequece
Divide & Conquer Closest Pair
Divide & Conquer Strassen’s Algorithm
Dynamic Programming Fibonacci Number
Dynamic Programming Binomial Coefficient
Dynamic Programming Maximum Contiguous Sum
of Subsequece
Dynamic Programming Longest Common Subsequence
Dynamic Programming Matrix Chain Multiplication
Dynamic Programming 01-Knapsack
Greedy Prim’s (MST)
Greedy Kruskal’s (MST)
Greedy Interval Scheduling
Graph Depth First Search
Graph Connected Component
Graph Linearization
Graph Breadth First Search
Graph Dijkstra’s (shortest path)
Graph Bellman & Ford’s (shortest path)
Graph Floyd & Warshall’s (shortest path)
Search Combination
Search Permutation
Search N-Queen
Search 15-Puzzle
Search Branch & Bound (Knapsack)



We adopt automated exercise grading system called “cafe-grader” created by aj. Jittat and aj. Pong from Kasetsart University. The student are encourage to use this system which can be accessed here

The username and password will be the same as the Chulalongkorn email.

There are introduction instruction and Screen Cast for the grader.

Lecture Note, Lab’s document, problems,

  • Aj. Somchai’s video class are one of the best, check it here. It contains tons of e-learning material and the slide. The experimental analysis of algorithm is at
  • In 2009, we set up some self-learning activities called “Labs”. It can be accessed here
  • In 2010, there are several homework available in grader system. Check it here


Most student are familiar with Java from their freshy year and hopefully all students should be OK with C, C++ Since 2110-211 (Data Structure) use them extensively. Nevertheless, here are list of C++ resources.


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