The Proof of Parallel Grasp

Posted on: Tue, 12/14/2004 - 12:05 By: dae

Today and yesterday are days for proving. I and N~ Peam trying to proof the necessary and sufficient condition for regraspable between two parallel grasps. The process is quite fun, working with Peam and Fu on this subject really make research much more fun. Maybe that is what they called "atmosphere of research". However, if a proof does not come out, the world much be worse.

Fun thing is that, the proof is quite tricky. We get confused very very time and , yes, GunBound really took time away from us. Many pitfall awaited us and, sometime, got us. luckily we managed to escape.

Aj. Attawith has lots of idea about "dual representation" of our problem. Many new horizons seems available to us. Dark shroud still remain but some light does shed upon. Man, what the hell I am talking about.