Three days remains for ICRA deadline

Posted on: Tue, 12/14/2004 - 12:06 By: dae

Ah, lots had happen around weekends. New idea came, and gone. Some interesting got proven, and later disproved. Work of ICRA still not completely done. Even right now, some theories still need rechecking. The implementation still not complete, Fu and Peam still working on the implementation. I, myself, do not finish the paper yet, even the draft one. There is a little hope for ICRA right now. But, as our teacher said, it is not the deadline yet, we have to keep working. Of course, gunbound took some time away from us, as usual, but we managed to play less of it. A little bit of victory?

Today, someone set up a dhcp and it starts to leasing out some, definitely unusable, IPs. Most machines in our lab got that wrong IPs. We can not find the source of that DHCP message, we just know the MAC address of that devil dhcp server. Anyhow, the most dirty way to solve this problem is to fix my IP to the old one before I got that malicious IP. Hope that that machine be found very soon.