Diet Diary #38 -- #41

16 April 2010, Fri

morning weight: 82.3 kg (Wooohoooo)

08:00 BF: 2 Bananas + water
12:30 Lunch: Chester Grill @ Lotus ดาวคะนอง
19:00 Dinner: Zen restaurant + Swensen’s Earthquake @ Central Rama 2 (BIG MEAL)
01:00 go to bed

Hmm… The dinner is quite BIG! Also this has been the first time of ice cream since Morning Banana.

17 April 2010, Sat

morning weight: 82.9 kg (Hmmm)

09:00 BF: 2 Bananas + water
12:00 Lunch: Loong Fong Restaurant (Dim Sum buffet) Eat WAYS TOO MUCH
17:00 Dinner: กุ้งเต้น Restaurant @ Ratchapruek Rd.
19:00 Supper: Banoffee Cake, Chocolate Mud Cake, Blueberry Pie @ Anna Charlie’s cafe
01:00 go to bed

Take my mom to dim sum restaurant (all-you-can-eat style). The first of “eating too much”. In the afternoon, we went to see my grandma, unexpectedly ran into the rest of the family so we all went out for another big meal. That’s “eating too much #2”. On the evening, we have party with Group G. friends. Though we were quite full, we manage to thrown down few pieces of cake. This has been the worst day since the Morning Banana. (Yup, worse than yesterday.)

18 April 2010, Sun

morning weight: 83.2 kg (Arrgggg…)

09:00 BF: 2 Oranges + Water
13:00 Lunch: ข้าวต้ม ไข่เจียว + บร็อคโคลี่ผัดเต้าหู้ + ผักดอง + 0 cal Jelly
18:00 Dinner: Sausage Steak + Ham Steak @ ถ. เจริญกรุง
02:00 go to bed

Ran out of banana, using orange instead. Also tried to eat less, but failed.

19 April 2010, Sun

morning weight: 83.9 kg ( [censored] )

08:00 BF: 2 Bananas + water
13:00 Lunch: Tuna Salad 300g
16:00 Snack: Pineapple filled cake from Korea
18:00 Dinner: ข้าวหมูทอด
00:00 go to bed

I hate holidays. Trying to sleep early. Let’s see what tomorrow will be.


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