Chill Out

Posted on: Sat, 02/24/2007 - 00:40 By: dae

Admittedy, I am not a trendy man. I cannot follow what is out there in those eccentric character style. Some new thing, slang, fashion, trend starts there and spread into mainstream somehow later. Late enough so that the eccentric group comes up with something cooler, or kinkier, or just plain flat out of the box.

Anyhow, I just sit there and wait until some of that thing hit me. For example, my first sight of Murakami's Book is when everybody have read more than dozen of his. This is entirely, but not quite, overly exaggerated. Now it comes the phrase "Chill Out". Oh no, I am not that bad, I have heard the words for long. The word "long" for me in this case is within the past year. Up until now, I believed that the words is just a new emerging trend. However, I just watched pulp fiction(1994) and the character just said the words. OK, that is not new but I just know that.

I remember hearing some dean of some geeky department in some of those nerdy universities saying that their student should catch up with the current trend, in the social way. Well, obviously I didn't follow his recommendation.

You could call me a prehistoric caveman.