Another Interesting Stat from Google Webmaster Tools

Posted on: Sun, 02/18/2007 - 17:53 By: dae

From my last entry, I mentioned that I misspelled "my space" into "my spaec" and that made my blog appear in the Google search of "my spaec". At that time, my blog appeared at around the fifth position. However, I have rectified the misspell and wrote about it the last entry which obviously still contains the words "my spaec" (and so is this entry). When I checked with GWT again today, it turns out that my blog moves to the third place (try it). Is that the marketing tactics of google?, linking misspell of its enemy into worthless blog :D.

Usually, I have around two or three visitors per days (obviously, one of them is myself). However, Google Analytics reports that there are around 30 visitors on the Valentine's Day. I investigated further and, to my surprise, visitors came from various locations, Netherlands, India, Hungary, Italy, etc. As I said, my blog is not popular, it is me and only a few of my friends that regularly visit this page. Unlike [Mr. Wood](] whose blog is visited by several ppl around the globe, to see his expertise in photography, I don't do photographing, and I never had a nice picture on the web.

No, it has nothing to do with the Valentine. On that day, I wrote about how I like "An Inconvenient Truth". Coincidently, a news entry in AOL also reports the similar story about Global Warming and Al Gore. AOL features Sphere link at the bottom of the story. Sphere is the blog search engine and it lists my entry as a related story about the news. Obviously, some people follows the link into my page, (to find almost, but not quite, entirely unlike anything more informative to them, sorry for that).

Another interesting thing is that some visit my page about the DDE for acrobat I mentioned long ago. I wrote a small program that close PDF by using DDE, which should be handy for those using pdflatex, I will post the program here, soon.