Trip to Sendai, mathematica for linear programming

Posted on: Tue, 12/14/2004 - 12:04 By: dae

Just talk with Ai kong (burin) about staying at his apartment, my dear fat ขี้งอน old friend. I will stay with him on sat. 2/9 to wed. 6/9. Ai Kong, of course, request a sweet from sendai. Here is the page ขนม. Click on 萩の月 (hagi no tsuki) and that's it. The pictures look very delicious. Ah, my mind already fixed on eating at Japan, what a nice place for eating.

Today, found some interesting idea about parallel grasp of Fu's work. Trying to eliminate the need of calculating a feasible region. Hope that will work. Discussed with Peam about the theory and we already have some draft (but almost complete) of our proof. In the evening, Fu's program return something that seems to contradict with the theory but we use Mathematica to re-check the code and we found some bug in Fu's code. Trying to solve it, maybe tomorrow.

NOTE: Use mathematica to check feasible region of a linear programming. 1: set the objective by

objA[x_, y_, z_] := x + y + z

2: input constraint by

constraintsA = {-x ≤ 0, x ≤ 312.27, -y ≤ 0, y ≤ 506.085, -z ≤ 0, z ≤ 260, etc, etc, etc....}

3: solve the linear programming by

constrainedMax[objA[x, y, z], constraintsA, {x, y, z}]