New Cell Phone

Posted on: Sun, 11/09/2008 - 18:18 By: dae

My old phone is broken, she freezes up every now and then for weeks. So, yesterday, I bought a new cell phone. After a series of reviews and lots of constraints optimization, I ended up with Nokia 3120 classic. Let's start from the requirements, listed by higher impact.

  • Bluetooth (for my headset, this is top priority)
  • GPRS, EDGE (3G is bonus)
  • Nice alarm clock (yeah, I said I no longer need that, but having it would be a plus)
  • External memory slot (music player is always a plus)
  • Camera

Of course, my old one (Samsung E250) meets minimal requirement. Her camera is just for show and it is damn slow to transfer music file from her to PC. Don't take me wrong. She serves me right for almost two years and if she did not (untimely?) die, I would still be very happy with her.

Formerly, there were other six contenders: SE T303, SE W380i, Samsung L700, Nokia 3110, SE K660, Samsung E590. Each fails short for the following reason.

  • SE T303: Very good! It's bang for the buck. However, it lacks external memory.
  • SE W380: I always want to try a clam shell phone but this one is very hard to open by a single hand. Not a good thing.
  • Samsung L700: A little bit too tall and the price tag of 5,400 baht is a little bit too high.
  • SE K660: Has everything I need but is bulky and pricey.
  • Samsung E590: Very very good! Somewhat chubby. The feature is better than T303. slot and if there were no Nokia around, I would definitely go for it.
  • Nokia 3110 classic: I almost goes for this one. The only problem that it is quite too big. I really like its mini USB connector and its separated small talk connector. Unlike Samsung universal port, i can charge the unit while connect the small talk at the same time.

I almost goes for Samsung E590 if I haven't met Nokia 3120. The plus of 3120 overs E590 is that it has LED flash, minimalist 3G (both 850 and 2100) and higher resolution camera. Also comes with 512 microSD. The price of 3120 is 800 baht higher than E590 and the fact that it has separated connector is the final nail that concludes my decision.